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Relieving agencies are expensive!!

06 December 2018

To be fair, that was my first thought too.. why would anyone pay to use the services of an agency? Surely everything that a Recruitment Agency does, anyone can do too.  It cant be that hard to do..
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Top tip for getting the most out of a reliever!

18 October 2018

We’ve been accused of sending a horrible reliever to a centre. Yes, that’s right. The Centre Manager was incredibly frustrated with our reliever who seemed to stand around doing nothing waiting for direct instructions. And costing more than her regular staff. 
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The Function of Dyadic Relationships in NZ ECE Services

30 July 2018

The term ‘dyadic relationship’ is being discussed more frequently in early childhood education (ECE) circles, as society’s understanding of the importance of primary relationships in an infant’s life grows.
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Will the Industrial ECE Sector be the End of Kindergartens?

03 July 2018

The privatization of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector in New Zealand has been a hugely divisive topic in recent decades. As a country whose humble ECE beginnings were formed in the community-based models of Playcentre, the industry has, in recent years, seen a boom in for-profit, all-day services: attendance numbers in privatized centres has risen, while the number of children in kindergartens is falling.
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5 Essential Tips Every ECE Reliever Needs to Know

08 May 2018

Are you considering becoming an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Reliever? Or perhaps looking at relieving as your next exciting job prospect? Whether you are a qualified ECE teacher looking for a flexible part-time job, or wondering if ECE is the career for you, relieving can offer you a world of possibilities. In this article I’m going to discuss five essential tips every ECE Reliever needs to know, to help make your relieving journey a success.
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3 Ways Early Childhood Centres Can Embrace Technology

13 April 2018

Technology can be a wonderful yet sometimes daunting prospect in early childhood education. The balance between embracing a modern world and allowing children to experience an unplugged childhood is a topic that many educators encounter, research and continuously review. In this article I am going to discuss three effective ways that technology can be incorporated into early childhood education.
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