FAQs for Relievers

What is it like being an early childhood education reliever with Jitbug?

It’s easy as pie. Work is flexible, and you can choose to apply for ECE jobs that suit your schedule. You can manage your own calendar, availability, and timesheets with ease.

What if I want to work more hours?

That is entirely up to you. It might mean travelling a bit further to centres for more work. The more work you do, the more work will be given to you.

What if an ECE centre wishes to have me work again in their centre?

If the centre likes you and wishes to have you back again in the future, they will make you a “favourite”. When they do that, our algorithm will prioritise your ranking for them so that you will appear in the first page of their next search for ECE relievers.

What else can I do to appear in the first page when a centre is searching for a reliever?

You can do a few things aside from being made a “favourite” by the centre:

  1. Complete your profile. This enables our algorithm to prioritise your location for ECE centres and kindergartens in your vicinity.
  2. Work often. Our algorithm takes into account that you’ve been actively working, and will continue giving you more work.
  3. Build your ratings. Centres can leave a rating on your profile and our algorithm works to recommend top-rating relievers to centres.

I hear that an ECE reliever’s pay rate is rather low. How much can I expect to make relieving with Jitbug?

Jitbug has a tiered pay rate. The highest pay rate (which depends on how often you work and your ratings) will earn you some serious money. Remember if you’re just in it for the money, centres are able to see through that. Our top-rating ECE relievers actually care and love the work they do.

Can I work for other agencies or organisations?

Of course you can! Jitbug doesn’t lock you in.