FAQs for Centre Managers

How much does it cost to hire a reliever through Jitbug?

Ah, the age old question! The short answer is, it will cost you more to not use us. The long answer is, there’s no cost to use the app and you only pay after our relievers have completed the job. We bill every fortnight (and we can’t thank you enough if you make prompt payment!).

Are you the Uber for Early Childhood Education and Kindergartens?

We sure are!

How can I trust the quality of your relievers? What kind of vettings and checks do you perform?

Fair question. We are a Police Approved Vetting Agency and we perform police checks on all of our relievers. We verify their identity, perform reference checks, complete an evaluation of work history and interview each one of our relievers. Only after all of this do we activate the reliever’s account.

What if I really like one of your relievers and want to employ them for a full-time or part-time position in my organisation?

We’re glad to hear it if you love one of our relievers. You can “favourite” relievers who are a particularly good fit for your centre, and they will show up first in your future searches if they’re available. If you’ve used this reliever a number of times and you’d like to bring them on in a more permanent capacity, we’re more than happy to help you out with this. Give us a call on 0800 548 284 and let’s talk!

I’m not good with technology, and I don’t think an app is what I need right now.

Hang on, this ain’t a question... Is this meant to be in the FAQ? Jitbug is incredibly simple to use, even if you’re “technologically challenged”. Just have a look at our testimonials!

What happens if a confirmed reliever doesn’t show up or cancels a booking?

Give us a call on 0800 548 284. You can post another job to find a quick replacement, and we’ll do everything we can on our end to help find you a replacement.