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We’ve helped NZ ECE centres find over 100,000 relief teaching and permanent positions!

There’s a reason Early Childhood Centres love using Jitbug:

Jitbug has developed a simple reliable app where Early Learning Centres can get in touch with amazing ECE relievers any time of the day - even with limited tech experience. Gone are the days where you would call an agency and anxiously hope that they will call you back.

That’s not all.

We also help Early Childhood Centres find skilled permanent staff, locally and internationally.

Whether you’re hiring an early childhood teacher, team leader, or centre management role, we support you through the hiring process.

Our ECE recruiters:

  1. Have a chat with you to understand the role
  2. Screen, interview, and present a short list of talented ECE teachers
  3. Support you for up to 3 months after your permanent teacher starts working

If you haven’t had much luck with finding staff, feel free to contact us as we’re more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Simply install the Jitbug relief teaching app or request support from our team via the form below.

Own your time

Jitbug takes the time and stress out of finding a reliever, even on short notice. Forget about calling or texting around in the evenings and early mornings. Be in control over who you choose!

Reach more teachers

We know that finding early childhood education relievers can be a struggle. Our platform allows you to access all available, fully vetted relievers instantly, and book them with the push of a button.

Say it once

Stop repeating yourself over the phone. Broadcast updates on the real-time Q&A board, and our relievers will see them instantly.

Wish to find out more? Fill out your details and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Your Day as a centre manager using Jitbug

When you are looking for a relief teacher, just open the app and post a new job. Our algorithm will recommend relievers based on their location and availability. Relievers will apply and you then confirm whoever you want. After they've finished for the day, confirm their timesheet and give them a rating. It's that simple!

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What centres using Jitbug say about us

Portrait of Head Teacher
Just writing to express my excitement for the app Jitbug! It is AWESOME!!!! This makes things so much easier for me especially in the morning madness! I have had great feedback from the relievers also and it's just a big time saver! Yippee!!

— Head Teacher,
Auckland Kindergarten Association

Portrait of Head Teacher
Jitbug is simple, reliable and quick to book our relievers - it is easy to use even for our more 'technically challenged staff'.

— Head Teacher,
Waikato Kindergarten Association

Portrait of Office Administrator
Jitbug stands out from the rest - they are always prompt and friendly when responding to our requests, and never leave us waiting or wondering! We appreciate their accuracy and the quick turn around on any queries we have. The team at Jitbug go out of their way to provide quality relievers who are a good fit for our centre. We have had fantastic relievers via Jitbug, so thanks to the team for going the extra mile!

— Office Administrator,
Honey Bees

Portrait of Manager
Finding reliable and quality staff on short notice is a big problem within the ECE sector. It creates stress on not only the managers who have to find dependable relievers, but also the teams who have to either work with them or not at all. Luckily, I found Jitbug and with a few clicks on my mobile phone or computer, I know I will find a quality teacher without hassle, fast. If you manage or own an early childhood centre, you need Jitbug.

— Manager,
Junior Junction

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